Monthly Archive: April, 2013

Toffee Popcorn

Who does not love toffee popcorn?! If you don’t, it is time to look away now! I made some toffee popcorn as a study treat for myself last weekend. It was so simple… Continue reading

An Encounter with a Cowslip

Primula veris, more commonly known as  Cowslip is from the same family as primroses, Primulaceae. The plant was once commonly found in fields and along farm hedgerows but now has become a rare sight.… Continue reading

Coming to the End of a Chapter

May marks the end of an era in my horticultural life. In just a few weeks I will finish my degree in Horticulture, Sportsturf and Landscape management. After four years spent in UCD,… Continue reading

Garlic Blossom

You may have noticed my slight obsession with wild garlic this season! Well I have an other post to share even more about this great plant with you. While I was in the… Continue reading

A Visit to the Alpine House

This week I finished my thesis and decided to reward myself with a visit to the National Botanic Gardens. My first stop on this visit was to the Alpine House and Alpine Yard… Continue reading

Castle Ruins and Flowers

Last week I put up a preview for this post and was meant to write the full post the following day … as you can see I got slightly distracted with writing my… Continue reading

Blue Potato Dreams

Well I have been talking to anyone who will listen about how much I want to grow some blue potatoes and finally this year I am growing some! After seeing Jamie Oliver use… Continue reading

Spring in the Garden

The sun has been shining for the past few days and the garden has seen an explosion of new growth! It is great to see though as everything is so delayed this year… Continue reading

Raised Beds with a Difference

To continue on the story behind my vegetable patch I wanted to share this project/experiment with you all. My dad got me these great wooden boxes and I have been toying with what… Continue reading

Waiting on a Garden Visitor

I am slowly growing impatient with my garden! I am in a mood where I do not want to wait for nature to happen at its own speed. I want it to hurry… Continue reading