The Longer than Expected Hiatus

Well what can I say… it has been awhile?! It feels like a lifetime ago that I last sat down and wrote a blog post for Beyond The Wild Garden. But to be honest over the past few months the blog has been always in the back of my head as I went off on adventures or took photos of plants of gardens.

So now that I am back with blogger’s hat firmly back on I think I have to first start off by saying why I disappeared. As many of you who have followed the blog  over the past few years will know I was doing an MA in Journalism and Media Communications in Griffith College. Well this is the reason I disappeared… I had to finally finish the thing! To be specific I had to get my dissertation done.

To get the dissertation done (and carry on with my full-time job) the blog had to take a backseat. You may understand why I didn’t have time to everything when I tell you exactly what I did for my dissertation. I designed, photographed and edited a 32 page gardening magazine!


It was a mammoth undertaking but I am delighted to say I got through it and in fact on a glorious autumn day last week I graduated from my masters! So that is a massive tick mark beside that part of my life to say it is done and dusted!


In the coming weeks I will be getting some more copies of the magazine printed and publishing an online version of it so I will of course share the process of making my own garden magazine with you all!

Apart from finishing my MA there has been a lot of other things keeping me busy! I have a new job in UCD. I am the Student Ambassador Manager and Digital Content Executive which basically means I am on social media a lot more now and that I have a team of about 120 Student Ambassadors working for me! (Below is just a few of them at one of our events back in September)


I was also at Bloom again this year for a week of plants and media! There was even a brief appearance on the six o’clock news on RTE walking around the show gardens with the President of Ireland!


There were a few trips away to places like Birmingham and Malta and then a few trips around Ireland to round of the summer!


There were also come great trips to gardens around the Ireland and lots of food adventures over the last few months so needless to say I have a lot of new content to share with you all over the coming weeks!