Blue Potato Dreams

Well I have been talking to anyone who will listen about how much I want to grow some blue potatoes and finally this year I am growing some!

After seeing Jamie Oliver use them in one of his cooking programs, I have wanted to grow my own! I finally got my hands on some, thanks to the lovely people at Mr Middleton’s Garden Shop. The variety I have decided to grow is known as Salad Blue and is an almost indigo in colour when you cut through them. 

I have planted a row in my newly installed vegetable bed and also planted some in a large black bag. I have heard very good things about growing potatoes in bags, so I decided to give it a go this year so I could compare the quality of both.

I have filled the black bag with a mixture of compost and leaf mould. As the potatoes start to grow in the bag and the stems emerge, the compost is topped up to encourage more growth and supply more soil to the growing tubers. 

I can’t wait for things to start growing in the vegetable garden! Have you had any success with growing potatoes using either method? I would love to hear your stories

Salad Blue Potatoes

Salad Blue Potatoes