First Salad Harvest of the Summer

It is officially summer now that I have harvested my first salad from the vegetable garden.

This year I have planted some fun salad items but unfortunately the multicoloured beetroot and things like that are still a few weeks off. I did manage to get some macro salad leaves and pea shoots to make a rather tasty side salad though.


I planted a mixture of ‘All Year Round’ and ‘Lollo rossa’ in a block that I am treating as a cut and come again salad. The idea is that I will keep cutting it as young tender leaves while elsewhere I am letting them develop in to proper heads of lettuce.

The rest of my side salad was made up of some torn basil, calendula petals and rocket leaves. I served it with a simple vinaigrette dressing made of three parts olive oil, one part lemon juice and a dollop of whole-grain mustard.

It was a great first harvest from the vegetable patch and I can’t wait for more things to be ready!