Monthly Archive: June, 2013

Elderflower Cordial

I think it’s officially summer when you get to sit in a sun drenched garden with a cool glass of elderflower cordial!! I have always wanted to make my own but every year… Continue reading

Feeling Blue in the Garden

I’m feeling blue in the garden at the moment but it is the best kind of feeling blue! I am in utter love with the amazing flowers, that have just started to bloom… Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday – Working Garden

Childhood Flowers – A Journey to the Past

A few weeks ago I started looking back on the flowers that I can remember from my childhood and ones that hold a special connection with the past for me. Surprise surprise once… Continue reading

A Golden Beauty with a Dark Side

I think the title of this post is extremely appropriate for this particular tree! It truly is a golden beauty when it is awash with its glorious yellow flowers that droop down like… Continue reading

Discovering an Odd Plant

On a recent trip to Castletown I decided to go explore the part of the grounds that run along the banks of the river liffey.  As it was a lovely day I thought… Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday – Peace

Horse chestnut Trees Revisited

You may remember at the start of Spring I wrote a post about the Aesculus hippocastanum (Love that tree name!) or commonly called horse chestnut trees in UCD breaking in to bud. Well they have… Continue reading

Poppy Cheer

Over the weekend I was in my friends house and fell in love with these orange poppies, that she has growing throughout her garden. They are just so vibrant and cheerful, I couldn’t… Continue reading

Pink Lady

  I was on a quick walk around UCD when I wandered in to the wall garden that is associated with Belfield House. As I walked around the rather traditional walled garden that… Continue reading