Monthly Archive: May, 2013

Gardening at the Moment

I stumbled across this video on Youtube last year and I think it is brilliant! I wanted to share it with you all today though as I think it shows my frustration with… Continue reading

Colour in the Rhododendron House

This Spring I have become a massive fan of rhododendron and in particular the ones that are found in the glasshouses at the National Botanic Gardens. It is a few weeks since I… Continue reading

Woodland Beauty

It has been a great season for violets and the woods near my house seem to be speckled with them every where you look. I was also over the moon when I stumbled… Continue reading

Vegetable Garden Update

You might remember when I started building the raised beds for my vegetable garden, that I told you all the top soil I bought was not the best and I predicted weeds in… Continue reading

Walk Down A Country Lane

With the amazing weather we have had lately, I have been trying to get out and about as much as I can. Last week I went for a walk with my sister along… Continue reading

Seedling Confusion

I was down the vegetable garden this week and was extremely excited to see seedlings emerging from the ground. It was a great sense of relief when I seen the green shoots starting to emerge… Continue reading

Road Trip to The Apple Farm

Last September I had the great pleasure of going on a field trip with my class from college to The Apple Farm in Co Tipperary. The field trip was for part of my… Continue reading

Beyond The Wild Garden Gets a New Look

You may have all noticed that Beyond The Wild Garden has gotten a bit of a face lift in the past few weeks with a lovely new header! I had been toying with… Continue reading

My Garden Visitor Finally Arrives

You will remember awhile back, I told you all I was waiting on a garden visitor. Well it has finally arrived with a tremendous fanfare of excitement and colour! The peony roses in my… Continue reading

Tulip Festival at Powerscourt

It has been an exciting few days for me and Beyond the Wild Garden. My latest guest blog post for Powerscourt Estate went up online. The post is all about Powerscourt’s annual tulip… Continue reading