Spring Erupts at the National Botanic Gardens

Many people think Botanic Gardens will be boring places to visit during spring. I know when I talk to my friends who are not really into gardening or plants, they struggle to understand why I go to the gardens around now as they don’t think there will be much to see or do there. I happen to think the very opposite and that the gardens are almost at their best now.

At this time of the year the gardens are coming into life and are a riot of colour. From the bark of the still bare trees to the eruptions of spring bulbs from the ground there is colour around every corner of the garden.

Arbutus X Andrachnoides

Arbutus X Andrachnoides

The Botanic Gardens in Dublin have a particularly good collection of spring bulbs around this time. The daffodils along the river create a great edge between the gently flowing water and the footpath that follows it along its journey.

These and the other collections of daffodils however cannot be outdone by the large plantings of wood anemone and crocuses found beneath the towering trees near the walled garden. Here is simply just a mass of vibrant colour standing to attention in the dappled shade. I don’t think I could describe the beauty to you all as well as I can show you with this collection of photos I managed to take last week.