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A visit to the Botanic Gardens

It has been a long time since I spent an afternoon at the Botanic Gardens in Dublin but this weekend I got to spend a sun filled afternoon exploring the greenhouses and gardens… Continue reading

A Splash of Colour

I made my first official visit to the Botanic Gardens in Dublin a few weeks ago with the brilliant companion that is Ruth Kenny ( Aka @Hrygth on twitter)! I must say Ruth… Continue reading

Science and Gardens

My last trip to the Botanic Gardens was extremely eventful. I finally got to see a new art installation in the gardens that I have heard a good deal about in the past… Continue reading

A New Rose on the Block?!

After a long summer love affair with some delightful roses, I think I have moved on! Don’t worry though I am sure some lovely roses will creep up on my blog in the… Continue reading

There will be Nectarines this Summer

You may remember back in April I shared this photo of nectarine blossom that I came across in the Botanic Gardens. Well I was pleased to find on a recent trip back to… Continue reading

Colour in the Rhododendron House

This Spring I have become a massive fan of rhododendron and in particular the ones that are found in the glasshouses at the National Botanic Gardens. It is a few weeks since I… Continue reading

Flower Power at the Botanic Garden

I recently went to a talk in the Botanic Gardens given by Walter Jansen. Walter Jansen is the current director of Keukenhof in Holland. He gave a sterling talk about the history and management behind… Continue reading

Garlic Blossom

You may have noticed my slight obsession with wild garlic this season! Well I have an other post to share even more about this great plant with you. While I was in the… Continue reading

A Visit to the Alpine House

This week I finished my thesis and decided to reward myself with a visit to the National Botanic Gardens. My first stop on this visit was to the Alpine House and Alpine Yard… Continue reading

Spring Erupts at the National Botanic Gardens

Many people think Botanic Gardens will be boring places to visit during spring. I know when I talk to my friends who are not really into gardening or plants, they struggle to understand… Continue reading