April Challenge – Flowers in the Air

Okay for my second post of this April challenge I think it is fitting to have this one dedicated to one of my all-time favourite trees!

The majestic cherry blossom is one of the best trees in my eyes! I have a small collection of them in my own garden. While they are still only young, they offer great colour and interest in spring! I have picked three different species for the end of my garden so I have a wall of flowers in succession from the start of April right through to the end of May. As soon as they start flowering I will of course share some photos with you all!

For this post I am going to share a photo I took while I was walking around college today. I was becoming very disheartened that I would not find anything interesting while I was on my walk. Luckily as I was about to turn back I found this beautiful tree hidden away in quiet an unassuming area of the college! I must admit this filled me with delight! So much so I did not mind having to sit through my two hour business class!!

Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom