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April Challenge – Orchid Love

Orchids are one of the best plants of all time! I have bought many of them and been gifted some in the past few years but I can never manage to get them… Continue reading

April Challenge – A Tree with a Difference

On a recent walk in Castletown House, which is undergoing major work at the moment, I found this extremely interesting tree. I love it because it is different and has a great magical feel to it… Continue reading

April Challenge – Street Planting Done Right

While heading into the Botanic Gardens this weekend, I was struck with how spectacular the street planters look on the street leading to the gardens. The large wooden planters have great specimen Photinia x fraseri ‘Red… Continue reading

April Challenge – Flowers in the Air

Okay for my second post of this April challenge I think it is fitting to have this one dedicated to one of my all-time favourite trees! The majestic cherry blossom is one of… Continue reading

The April Blogging Challenge Begins

So I am jumping on the bandwagon with the April Blogging Challenge started by The Newfarmerette. With some encouragement from Miss Belle over at  LIMMSTER I have decided to get going with the challenge. It… Continue reading