A postcard snap of Irish Gardens at Bloom

The postcard gardens at Bloom are a relatively new addition to the festival. In their second year now they offer amateur gardeners and gardening groups in Ireland an opportunity to showcase their skills and knowledge.

The postcard gardens are one of the first sights that visitors are met with when they enter the main gate into the Bloom site. And you can take it from me there are some fantastic ones this year that show so many different aspects of Irish horticulture.
The above garden is from the Alpine Garden Society Dublin Group and by far the stand out feature of it was the garden chair planted with thyme! This is something I would love to do in my own garden. I think it would look great in my herb garden!

The Community Garden Network have come back this year with an other great garden called Woven Communities. The garden features many great plants that promote food productivity and biodiversity in community gardens but can just as we’ll introduce these to your own home garden.

The Irish Wildlife Trust is celebrating Ireland’s natural heritage and highlights the many unique habitats that can be found around the island of Ireland.

For wildlife lovers who live in urban environments the postcard garden designed by Hardwicke Street Garden Club was a must see. By introducing wild flowers to the urban setting it aims to promote the many biodiversity benefits to wildflowers and wildlife in urban settings where they can be over looked.

I think there are some great elements from each of these gardens that can be incorporated in to any garden no matter where it is or the size of it.