Final plant highlight from Bloom 2014

Well Bloom 2014 has not disappointed when it comes to great plants to see!

Dahlias are always a big highlight for me and I really like this big bouncy pink flowering one called Dahlia ‘Kismit’.
On the other spectrum of the colour wheel comes this almost jet black iris! Irises always look great in a garden in my opinion. I just fell in love with the shade of colour. It is called Iris chrysographes ‘ Kilmurry Black’.

This great tree has featured in one or two of the show gardens this year and I love it’s flowers and just the amount of interest it adds to a garden. For those that don’t know this great tree it is called Cornus kousa.

This year at Bloom I was on the hunt for some plants that will add structure to my flower beds and some great texture and I think this plant does just that! I love the blue hint to this Eryngium ‘Big Blue’.

Well that is the final plant highlight from this years Bloom. There has been just so many great plants from some of the top nursery and plant breeders Ireland has to offer but there are so many more out there to find!