Please Don’t Forget Me

Forget-me-not’s have held a special place in my heart for the last number of years and this week I finally got the chance to take some photos of the flowers to share with you all.

The flowers are very tiny, some varieties are only 1cm or less in diameter. While the flowers are very small they appear in such big masses they have great impact when planted towards the front of flower beds or look great spilling over the sides of pots. I plan to get some and plant them in a big sway near my backdoor.



Forget-me-not’s are extremely important to me and my family due to their connection with Alzheimers. The flower is the symbol for the Alzheimer Society, as cause that provides great support to families affected by alzheimers.

Visit their website for more details on the support they offer to families and if you can make sure to support the charity by donating to them so they can continue their great work.