I have strawberries growing in my apple tree. Do you?

Yes you read the title of this post correctly! I have strawberries growing in my apple tree! And no it is not some sort of science experiment gone wrong …. it was intentional!

I have been looking for some different ways to grow fruit and vegetables in the garden and I’ve saw strawberries growing in plastic bottles online and growing in hanging baskets in books! So of course my head combined these two things and I give you Hanging Strawberry Bottles!


The strawberries have only been in their hanging devices for a few weeks now but they seem to be doing very well!

Making the container was very easy. It is simply a 2 litre bottle with bottom cut off and then the neck of the bottle cut to creat a hole small enough to feed the leaves through. Then I punched two holes in the side that I used to tie my string from for hanging!

I used plants that I bought in a garden centre so they already had very good root systems. I found it easy to feed the plants up the bottle and then pull the leaves through the neck of the bottle.

I just filled the rest of the bottle with multipurpose compost and hung them up! I think it will be a good way to grow my strawberries and it makes for an interesting sight as you walk down the garden!