Car Park or Garden??!

Now I do not normally spend a lot of time looking around car parks, I especially don’t spend a lot of time looking at the plants around them. Normally the planting (if there is any) is very very basic and lets face it boring! They normally just serve the purpose of somewhere to park your car as you go off somewhere else to enjoy yourself.

Well this is not the case at Fota House and Garden!! I was so surprised when we pulled into the car park! There was no laurel hedge or any other over used cheap landscaping plant  to be seen anywhere. Instead there was some beautiful plants to admire and enjoy! It really was not like anything I have seen before. It was so enlightening to see how a car park should be done.

I loved how the car park was really an extension of the gardens I was going to see and how they linked right into the grounds flawlessly. The use of hydrangea and roses is just brilliant and looked very naturalistic and suited the area so well.