When Being Lazy Pays Off

This spring I was a bit busy with final year of college and so my garden got slightly neglected and the jobs that should have been done did not get done. When I wasn’t busy with college and did have time to do gardening I was far too lazy to do any at all!!

While this meant that I had lots of work to do this summer, there have been some delightful surprises because of it too. One of the best surprises is this scene that has occurred!


While I should have tied my clematis up to the fence it should be growing up, I did not do it. So it decided to grow through my shrubs and hardy geraniums. I love how it has twisted its way through my Bumalda Spirea. I think it really is just a happy accident that I don’t think you could ever recreate, no matter how much you tried.

While recently I have been complaining about the amount of pink in my garden I am torn when I look at this clematis. It is truly is a beauty!! But I think the garden does need to be man up’ed a bit!