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Tales from the Vegetable Garden – Peatastic Journey

I though the most exciting thing about my vegetable garden was when I discovered my first pea growing, I was so wrong though. You will remember how excited I was when I shared… Continue reading

It’s the small things in gardening

It really is the smallest things in gardening that get the biggest reactions. I find this is true anyway and was brought home to me over the weekend when I made this fantastic… Continue reading

Feeling Blue in the Garden

I’m feeling blue in the garden at the moment but it is the best kind of feeling blue! I am in utter love with the amazing flowers, that have just started to bloom… Continue reading

A Community Garden at Bloom

It has been a busy few weeks since Bloom 2013 but I am finally getting to catch up with writing all the posts I have stored up in my head. I think I… Continue reading

Vegetable Garden Update

You might remember when I started building the raised beds for my vegetable garden, that I told you all the top soil I bought was not the best and I predicted weeds in… Continue reading

A Visit to a Victorian Walled Garden

Dublin is a great city to gain gardening inspiration. One of the best places to gain inspiration for vegetables and growing them has to be the Victorian walled garden in the Phoenix Park.… Continue reading

Blue Potato Dreams

Well I have been talking to anyone who will listen about how much I want to grow some blue potatoes and finally this year I am growing some! After seeing Jamie Oliver use… Continue reading

Raised Beds with a Difference

To continue on the story behind my vegetable patch I wanted to share this project/experiment with you all. My dad got me these great wooden boxes and I have been toying with what… Continue reading

A Vegetable Patch is Born

Ever since I moved into this house with my family, I have had the desire to create a vegetable garden. I have been talking about it for close to five years now and… Continue reading