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Wordless Wednesday – In the clearing

Tales from the Vegetable Garden – Peatastic Journey

I though the most exciting thing about my vegetable garden was when I discovered my first pea growing, I was so wrong though. You will remember how excited I was when I shared… Continue reading

A Golden Beauty with a Dark Side

I think the title of this post is extremely appropriate for this particular tree! It truly is a golden beauty when it is awash with its glorious yellow flowers that droop down like… Continue reading

Colour in the Rhododendron House

This Spring I have become a massive fan of rhododendron and in particular the ones that are found in the glasshouses at the National Botanic Gardens. It is a few weeks since I… Continue reading

Tulip Festival at Powerscourt

It has been an exciting few days for me and Beyond the Wild Garden. My latest guest blog post for Powerscourt Estate went up online. The post is all about Powerscourt’s annual tulip… Continue reading

Flower Power at the Botanic Garden

I recently went to a talk in the Botanic Gardens given by Walter Jansen. Walter Jansen is the current director of Keukenhof in Holland. He gave a sterling talk about the history and management behind… Continue reading

Spring in the Garden

The sun has been shining for the past few days and the garden has seen an explosion of new growth! It is great to see though as everything is so delayed this year… Continue reading

Waiting on a Garden Visitor

I am slowly growing impatient with my garden! I am in a mood where I do not want to wait for nature to happen at its own speed. I want it to hurry… Continue reading

Spring Erupts at the National Botanic Gardens

Many people think Botanic Gardens will be boring places to visit during spring. I know when I talk to my friends who are not really into gardening or plants, they struggle to understand… Continue reading

April Challenge – Treetastic

Today for my post as part of my April Challenge I wanted to share this photo I took of a tree in Powerscourt Garden. I went there just before Easter and had a great… Continue reading