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Welcoming Bees in to the Garden

This week on the Sodshow, it is all about bees and I talk all about some great plants that attract them in to your garden. While I sat there watching the bees flit… Continue reading

A Trip to the Orient, The Japanese Gardens at Powerscourt Estate – Behind the Scenes Post

My latest guest blog post for Powerscourt Estate has just been published online. This post is all about the Japanese Gardens at Powerscourt and some of the most interesting plants that I have… Continue reading

An Old Family Friend

Since I have been a child the porch in this house has always been full with these lovely flowers. These are an other flower that should have a staring role in the Flowers of… Continue reading

Elderflower Cordial

I think it’s officially summer when you get to sit in a sun drenched garden with a cool glass of elderflower cordial!! I have always wanted to make my own but every year… Continue reading

Childhood Flowers – A Journey to the Past

A few weeks ago I started looking back on the flowers that I can remember from my childhood and ones that hold a special connection with the past for me. Surprise surprise once… Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday – Peace

Horse chestnut Trees Revisited

You may remember at the start of Spring I wrote a post about the Aesculus hippocastanum (Love that tree name!) or commonly called horse chestnut trees in UCD breaking in to bud. Well they have… Continue reading

Please Don’t Forget Me

Forget-me-not’s have held a special place in my heart for the last number of years and this week I finally got the chance to take some photos of the flowers to share with… Continue reading

Gardening at the Moment

I stumbled across this video on Youtube last year and I think it is brilliant! I wanted to share it with you all today though as I think it shows my frustration with… Continue reading

Colour in the Rhododendron House

This Spring I have become a massive fan of rhododendron and in particular the ones that are found in the glasshouses at the National Botanic Gardens. It is a few weeks since I… Continue reading