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Raised Beds with a Difference

To continue on the story behind my vegetable patch I wanted to share this project/experiment with you all. My dad got me these great wooden boxes and I have been toying with what… Continue reading

A Bad Year for Blackberries

2012 was a terrible year for Blackberries, Rubus fruticosus. The poor weather meant there was not nearly as many fruit. The fruit that normally appears like blackened jewels on brambles that twist their… Continue reading

Castle Ruins and Plants – A Preview

As I am up to my eyes at the moment and did not get the chance to write the post I had planned, I have decided to do a preview of it instead!… Continue reading

Spring Erupts at the National Botanic Gardens

Many people think Botanic Gardens will be boring places to visit during spring. I know when I talk to my friends who are not really into gardening or plants, they struggle to understand… Continue reading

April Challenge – Street Planting Done Right

While heading into the Botanic Gardens this weekend, I was struck with how spectacular the street planters look on the street leading to the gardens. The large wooden planters have great specimen Photinia x fraseri ‘Red… Continue reading

The April Blogging Challenge Begins

So I am jumping on the bandwagon with the April Blogging Challenge started by The Newfarmerette. With some encouragement from Miss Belle over at  LIMMSTER I have decided to get going with the challenge. It… Continue reading

A Smell of Garlic in the Air

Wild garlic is one of the highlights of spring walks at the moment. In the next few weeks it will become easier and easier to notice it on woodland floors as the scent… Continue reading

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Last week I went to visit my aunt and uncle in county Meath. They live in my mum’s childhood home which is in the heart of the countryside just outside the town of… Continue reading

A Day of Daffodils and Charity

Being a person whose life has been touched by cancer this Friday, the 22nd of March, is an important day. Friday marks the 26th National Daffodil Day in Ireland. The day is used… Continue reading

Spring Equinox Comes Knocking

Happy Spring Everyone! 20 March marks the spring equinox and the official start of spring. Now days officially start to get longer and brighter! This is extremely great news for gardeners and me… Continue reading