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April Challenge – Orchid Love

Orchids are one of the best plants of all time! I have bought many of them and been gifted some in the past few years but I can never manage to get them… Continue reading

Moss Attack

Has anyone ever taken the time to really look at moss?! It seems like a very strange question to be asking but have you really looked at it?! I am in the middle… Continue reading

April Challenge – A Tree with a Difference

On a recent walk in Castletown House, which is undergoing major work at the moment, I found this extremely interesting tree. I love it because it is different and has a great magical feel to it… Continue reading

April Challenge – Nectarine Blossom

For this April blog post and the next few there will be a strong botanical feel to them! I had a great excursion today to the National Botanic Gardens in Glasnevin Dublin. To me it… Continue reading

April Challenge – Flowers in the Air

Okay for my second post of this April challenge I think it is fitting to have this one dedicated to one of my all-time favourite trees! The majestic cherry blossom is one of… Continue reading

Wood Anemones Come to Say Hello

Now that the snow of March is behind us and the sunshine of April is falling upon us the forest floor is awash of colour . The sun makes the dusky of blue… Continue reading

Gunnera tinctoria – The Horror Plant

Gunnera tinctoria, more commonly known as Giant rhubarb is a native plant to South America. The plant has become an extremely invasive plant in Ireland and most of Europe. It can commonly be… Continue reading

A Piece of Living History

I recently included the photo below of a new shoot on a Irish Yew tree and a few people expressed interest in it so I thought it would be good to do a… Continue reading

Winter Heliotrope on a Spring Walk

Winter Heliotrope, Petasites fragrans, is a naturalised plant in Ireland. It is commonly found in woodland habitats in large clumps of lush heart shaped green foliage. It is believed that the winter Heliotrope… Continue reading

A Lesser Celandine Speckled Floor

Spring has only officially started a few days but yet again I have more sightings of native plants to report! This time, while I was out for a walk in the rare Irish… Continue reading