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A Smell of Garlic in the Air

Wild garlic is one of the highlights of spring walks at the moment. In the next few weeks it will become easier and easier to notice it on woodland floors as the scent… Continue reading

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Last week I went to visit my aunt and uncle in county Meath. They live in my mum’s childhood home which is in the heart of the countryside just outside the town of… Continue reading

Gunnera tinctoria – The Horror Plant

Gunnera tinctoria, more commonly known as Giant rhubarb is a native plant to South America. The plant has become an extremely invasive plant in Ireland and most of Europe. It can commonly be… Continue reading

A Hybrid Blog is Born

I have been toying with the idea of posting about food on my blog but have been torn about doing it or not. I have an equal passion for food and cooking than… Continue reading

Spring Equinox Comes Knocking

Happy Spring Everyone! 20 March marks the spring equinox and the official start of spring. Now days officially start to get longer and brighter! This is extremely great news for gardeners and me… Continue reading

Have I not seen you before?!

Centranthus ruber, commonly called Red Valerian is an extremely common plant in Dublin. It is an introduced plant to Ireland that has become naturalised here. It is originally from the Mediterranean. First brought… Continue reading

Faced with Two Roads

At this moment in my life I find myself faced with so many decisions to make as I come to the end of my time in College. What do I do after college? Will it… Continue reading

St Patrick – A Saint, a Gardener and a Grandfather

It is St Patrick’s Day today so I want to wish you all a very Happy St Patrick’s Day. For me and my family St Patrick’s Day holds a special place in our… Continue reading

Nature on Fast Forward

About two weeks ago I went on a walk around college and decided I would take some photos of the large auburn buds of a Horse Chestnut tree. I really like these trees… Continue reading

A Piece of Living History

I recently included the photo below of a new shoot on a Irish Yew tree and a few people expressed interest in it so I thought it would be good to do a… Continue reading