Winter Delights

Winter for many people is the most uninteresting season of the year, but for the keen wildlife gardener it offers endless amounts of interest and delight. Although many of the vibrant and luscious… Continue reading

A rose by another name…

When you think wildlife gardens you don’t really think roses but it’s surprising how much they can add to your garden. The bright colours and intoxicating scents attract insects from all over the garden… Continue reading

Rock your Lady’s Mantel…

Alchemilla or Lady’s Mantel is an amazing green herbaceous perennial plant. It has the greenest of green leaves and these vivid acid green flowers. The flowers themselves are extremely small and almost like… Continue reading

Earth day Message!

Okay  I may be few days late with this but its worth the wait !

Hidden surprises

My garden is divided up into about three different sections. I have my formal-ish kind of cottage garden up near my house then you walk through a gate into an area with apple… Continue reading

The Power of Magnolia

On a recent class trip around UCD with my horticulture class I came across this amazing specimen of a magnolia tree planted near Belfield House. It’s a great statement tree in any garden… Continue reading

Walk in the Spring sunshine

My advice for this Spring is to never leave home with out a camera. Look out for more of my snaps over the next few weeks. There is nothing like a good walk… Continue reading

Time For Some Division

Okay this has to be the most exciting time in gardens (in my opinion anyway!). I think its so exciting because of the amount of growth and activity that is going on in the garden. I bet… Continue reading

Leaves Liquid Gold!

If like me you find your garden covered in leaves from all the strong wind we have had lately, Its time to act ! If  you have found leave all over the place, I… Continue reading

Project: Composting Area

This year I have a few projects for my garden. One of the major ones is to finally set up my composting area. This is going to be at the side of my shed,… Continue reading