Moss Attack

Has anyone ever taken the time to really look at moss?! It seems like a very strange question to be asking but have you really looked at it?! I am in the middle… Continue reading

Soup Made from Weeds

I have grown up with my mam talking about nettle soup and in particular the nettle soup that my Gran use to make when my mam was younger. I have always wanted to… Continue reading

April Challenge – A Tree with a Difference

On a recent walk in Castletown House, which is undergoing major work at the moment, I found this extremely interesting tree. I love it because it is different and has a great magical feel to it… Continue reading

Wild Garlic Pesto

If you have been following my blog over the past month you will recall my obsession with wild garlic and my desperate hunt to find some. Well today I am glad to say… Continue reading

April Challenge – Street Planting Done Right

While heading into the Botanic Gardens this weekend, I was struck with how spectacular the street planters look on the street leading to the gardens. The large wooden planters have great specimen Photinia x fraseri ‘Red… Continue reading

April Challenge – Nectarine Blossom

For this April blog post and the next few there will be a strong botanical feel to them! I had a great excursion today to the National Botanic Gardens in Glasnevin Dublin. To me it… Continue reading

April Challenge – Flowers in the Air

Okay for my second post of this April challenge I think it is fitting to have this one dedicated to one of my all-time favourite trees! The majestic cherry blossom is one of… Continue reading

Wood Anemones Come to Say Hello

Now that the snow of March is behind us and the sunshine of April is falling upon us the forest floor is awash of colour . The sun makes the dusky of blue… Continue reading

The April Blogging Challenge Begins

So I am jumping on the bandwagon with the April Blogging Challenge started by The Newfarmerette. With some encouragement from Miss Belle over at  LIMMSTER I have decided to get going with the challenge. It… Continue reading

The Week of Two Seasons in One

This week has been a week of very mixed weather… that may be an understatement…… it was more the week of two seasons in one week! The start of the week seen a… Continue reading