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Spring in the Garden

The sun has been shining for the past few days and the garden has seen an explosion of new growth! It is great to see though as everything is so delayed this year… Continue reading

Waiting on a Garden Visitor

I am slowly growing impatient with my garden! I am in a mood where I do not want to wait for nature to happen at its own speed. I want it to hurry… Continue reading

A Bad Year for Blackberries

2012 was a terrible year for Blackberries, Rubus fruticosus. The poor weather meant there was not nearly as many fruit. The fruit that normally appears like blackened jewels on brambles that twist their… Continue reading

Castle Ruins and Plants – A Preview

As I am up to my eyes at the moment and did not get the chance to write the post I had planned, I have decided to do a preview of it instead!… Continue reading

April Challenge – Misty Day At Powerscourt Waterfall

Today my sister and I decided on the spur of the moment to head off in the car and go visit the waterfall at Powerscourt. When we left our house the weather was… Continue reading

Spring Erupts at the National Botanic Gardens

Many people think Botanic Gardens will be boring places to visit during spring. I know when I talk to my friends who are not really into gardening or plants, they struggle to understand… Continue reading

The Big Reveal

I have some great news to share with you all! I have been given the brilliant opportunity to start blogging for Powerscourt Garden’s website. For those of you who might not know, Powerscourt… Continue reading

April Challenge – Treetastic

Today for my post as part of my April Challenge I wanted to share this photo I took of a tree in Powerscourt Garden. I went there just before Easter and had a great… Continue reading

Moss Attack

Has anyone ever taken the time to really look at moss?! It seems like a very strange question to be asking but have you really looked at it?! I am in the middle… Continue reading

April Challenge – A Tree with a Difference

On a recent walk in Castletown House, which is undergoing major work at the moment, I found this extremely interesting tree. I love it because it is different and has a great magical feel to it… Continue reading