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Wordless Wednesday – Flowers and Butterflies

Supporting Wildlife

Wildlife and gardens really do go hand in hand…. well in my eyes they do anyway! This is why I am on a mission in my own garden to introduce a lot more… Continue reading

Flowers from the Cosmos

Okay this flower may not be from the Cosmos but it is called Cosmos! To be official it is called Asteraceae Cosmos ‘Sea shells Mixed’. On a recent trip to The Botanic Gardens,… Continue reading

Angry Skies OutSide

There has definitely been a drastic change in weather in the past few days! We have gone from lovely calm blue skies to ones that are much more angry and dramatic. Of course… Continue reading

A Visit to the Rose Garden at The Botanic Gardens

So yes my love affair with roses still burns strong and last week I was treated to a great display of them in the Botanic Gardens. I went on an extremely warm sunny… Continue reading

When Being Lazy Pays Off

This spring I was a bit busy with final year of college and so my garden got slightly neglected and the jobs that should have been done did not get done. When I wasn’t… Continue reading

Welcoming Bees in to the Garden

This week on the Sodshow, it is all about bees and I talk all about some great plants that attract them in to your garden. While I sat there watching the bees flit… Continue reading

It’s Not Stepford We Live In!

During my usual catch up on all the blogs that I follow, I stumbled across a very interesting discussion about lawns on the blog From A Country Cottage. The post was about lawns… Continue reading

A Golden Beauty with a Dark Side

I think the title of this post is extremely appropriate for this particular tree! It truly is a golden beauty when it is awash with its glorious yellow flowers that droop down like… Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday – Peace