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When Being Lazy Pays Off

This spring I was a bit busy with final year of college and so my garden got slightly neglected and the jobs that should have been done did not get done. When I wasn’t… Continue reading

It’s the small things in gardening

It really is the smallest things in gardening that get the biggest reactions. I find this is true anyway and was brought home to me over the weekend when I made this fantastic… Continue reading

A Golden Beauty with a Dark Side

I think the title of this post is extremely appropriate for this particular tree! It truly is a golden beauty when it is awash with its glorious yellow flowers that droop down like… Continue reading

Discovering an Odd Plant

On a recent trip to Castletown I decided to go explore the part of the grounds that run along the banks of the river liffey.  As it was a lovely day I thought… Continue reading

Now I Finally Know Who You Are!!

If you are like me, you have seen this plant a million times and have admired its pretty purple flowers. I have stumbled across this plant countless times, while out for walks and… Continue reading

Woodland Beauty

It has been a great season for violets and the woods near my house seem to be speckled with them every where you look. I was also over the moon when I stumbled… Continue reading

A Bad Year for Blackberries

2012 was a terrible year for Blackberries, Rubus fruticosus. The poor weather meant there was not nearly as many fruit. The fruit that normally appears like blackened jewels on brambles that twist their… Continue reading

Moss Attack

Has anyone ever taken the time to really look at moss?! It seems like a very strange question to be asking but have you really looked at it?! I am in the middle… Continue reading

Wood Anemones Come to Say Hello

Now that the snow of March is behind us and the sunshine of April is falling upon us the forest floor is awash of colour . The sun makes the dusky of blue… Continue reading

A Piece of Living History

I recently included the photo below of a new shoot on a Irish Yew tree and a few people expressed interest in it so I thought it would be good to do a… Continue reading