Foodie Tales on Beyond The Wild Garden

Over the past couple of months, as many of you know, I have been working in the University Observer as the Deputy Editor for the year. As part of my work there I have been the Food Editor for the year also. This has meant that I have got to interview some fantastic chefs and foodie people from around Ireland.

In the coming weeks, on a Fridays, I will be sharing some of the interviews and food articles I have wrote for the University Observer. As many of you know Beyond the Wild Garden is a bit of a food and garden hybrid and in 2015 the foodie side of the blog will be explored even more with some great interview and hopefully some recipes for you all to try out.

The very first interview that I will be sharing is one I did last September with Donal Skehan. We chatted all about his Tv shows, his cookbooks and his Youtube channel.

To whet your appetite for what is to come over the coming weeks below are some photos of some of the articles that you can expect. Don’t forget you can stay up to date with my journalism and food adventures on twitter and instagram.

dublinpopup-page-001 CupcakeBloke-page-001 Nevenmaguire-page-001 SharonInterview-page-001