The Social Garden – Top Garden Tweeters

Because I am spending so much time on a bus now, going to and from work or college, the majority of my garden related interactions are happening online over social media. If you know me you will know I am a massive fan of twitter and Instagram and there are a host of great social gardeners on both sites to follow and learn from.

With that in mind I have sat down and have jotted down a list of my top ten twitter gardener who I find fantastic myself looking to for inspiration and tips. Naming this my top ten is a slight lie, in that there are so many great accounts out there that I couldn’t fit them all in to one blog post so I have picked the ten that I have found extremely enlightening in the past two weeks.

10. The RHS (@The_RHS)

This account really goes without saying, it has some fantastic photos and links to gardening articles everyday and is a great one to keep a regular eye on.

9. The Pothole Gardener (@potholegardener)

I love this account for the great photos that go up of guerilla gardening around London. Each time I see one go up it brings a smile to my face and makes me want to go out and do some pothole gardening myself.


8. Lorna Gannon (@Jardin)

Everytime I see a tweet from Lorna I blame her for making the list of gardens I need to visit longer and longer! Lorna is a true globe trotting gardener who shares fantastic photos of plants and gardens from all over Europe. You can also find photos and tales from her travels on her blog.

7. Phil Gates (@SeymourDaily) 

Phil is a fantastic botanist who has a real passion for plants. I love his tweets as he shares such fantastic and interesting photos of plants that can’t help but brighten up a dull bus journey home.

6. Greenside Up (@greensideupveg)

I have talked about Dee and her blog, Greenside up, many times before and her twitter account is just as good. Dee is great at sharing a mix of plant, nature, wildlife and food tweets. She is also the best port of call to find some interesting green articles to read on a bus journey!

5. Lucy Adams (@dodheadgardener)

Lucy has been one of my favourite gardeners on twitter every since I found her account. She is Head Gardener at Doddington Place Gardens and shares some fantastic pictures of the gardens and her work in them throughout the year and is a must follow if you like behind the scenes looks at gardens.

4. Kathryn Aalto (@kathrynaalto

Kathryn is a fantastic designer and plantsperson to follow on twitter. She shares some great photos of her surroundings in Devon and some great plant photos to boot.

3. Adam Whitbourn (@BlarneyGardens

Adam is the Head Gardener at Blarney Castle and, just like Lucy above, shares some fantastic behind the scenes photos of Blarney Gardens in Cork. The gardens are amazing and Adam is great at sharing what is looking particularly well in the garden each day as he goes about his work.

2. Matthew Keightley (@matt_keightley)

Matthew is one of my favourite designers on twitter and it is rather exciting to follow his account and see what garden or design he is working on at the moment. It will also get much more interesting in the coming months as he prepares to showcase at the Chelsea Flower Show.


1. Dermot O’Neill (@dermotgardens)

Dermot has to be my all time favourite plantsperson on twitter. I just love the sheer amount of plant knowledge and passion that he shares on his account. The photos he shares are just brilliant. And having talked to him at the Carlow Garden Festival about his twitter account I know he enjoys the social network site as well!