A harvest of purple

The weekend just gone was a rather productive one if I do say so myself! Saturday was spent getting all those jobs done that I have not had the time to do and the ones I’ve been downright avoiding!

You really can not beat a nice autumns day in the garden. It was not overtly sunny or warm so my uniform of an old college hoodie was dug out to be worn. As the weeks go on the uniform will be added to, with scarves and hats makes making an appearance too. But while it is still somewhat tempted I will stick to my hoodie and enjoy the autumn delights that are appearing.


Apart from generally enjoying the autumnal atmosphere in the garden, I did get some serious work done too. The biggest job was catching up on all the weeding that needed to be done. It’s a job I have left on the long finger but really needed to be done with a special guest visiting on Sunday – more on that later in the week!

The most rewarding part of the weekend, apart from having a somewhat weed free garden, was collecting and harvesting some of the vegetables that were ready for picking.

It was a purple affair this time. The two things on the list were my purple beans and my blue salad potatoes. Now I hear you say ‘but blue salad potatoes must be blue David?!’

No they are purple! Well they are a lovely shade of purple until they are cooked, then they turn a deep inky blue. They are a great potato in my eyes. This is my second year growing them and I am still very happy with them. The few I grew this year were left overs from last year and produced a grand crop for what I planted.


Now all that is left to do is find something to cook that will make good use of these lovely potatoes!