Kildare Post Gardening Column – Third Best Garden In The World

I think by now you will know I am a big fan of the gardens at Powerscourt Estate. I have talked so much about their great trees and roses here before. It will come as now surprise to you all then that after a recent visit to the gardens I decided to dedicate my latest Kildare Post gardening column to the gardens. It was a great time to highlight the estate as recently it was named the third best garden in the world. An edited version of this article appeared in the print edition of the Kildare Post on 26th August 2014.

The world’s third best garden – By David Corscadden 

When it comes to Irish gardens that have had an impact on garden design a hand full of gardens come to mind. None standout more strongly to me though than Powerscourt Estate in Enniskerry, Co. Wicklow.

For me these gardens are truly iconic and it is no wonder they were named in the top three best gardens in the world by National Geographic Magazine last month. The garden came third just behind Château de Versailles in France and the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew in England.


On a recent trip to Powerscourt it really came home to me just how great the garden is. Steeped in Irish landscaping history, the gardens are a labyrinth of discovery for gardeners and plant lovers. With each visit, the garden morphs and takes on a new personality as the seasons change.

In high summer there are couple of highlights to a visit. The first is a stroll along the double herbaceous border found within the walled garden. Said to be Ireland’s longest herbaceous border, during the summer it is a fantastic patchwork of colour and interest. One of the best thing about this border, unlike in some gardens that are open to the public, most of the plants are named here so you can write down the names of your favourites.

photo 4

Summer in Powerscourt is all about roses and the fantastically scented rose garden. I am a massive fan of roses and each time I visit Powerscourt during the summer months I am blown away by the display. This burnt orange rose caught my eye immediately. I just love the deepness of its colour and the fantastic almost velvet like petals it has.

photo 1

A visit to the garden cannot end without a trip to Triton Lake for a leisurely stroll around its perimeter to enjoy the soothing sound of splashing water and wide expanse of aquatic plants on show. It is also the perfect spot to stop and enjoy a picnic if you ask me.

photo 5

With the garden being just a short drive across the border in Wicklow, I think it is a great weekend trip. It is a place though that I find you can never spend enough time in. There will always be a section you miss or one that you wish you could go back to just one more time to see something again.

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