Num Num not only bakes she gardens – Hard Work is Paying Off

Time seems to be flying this summer as the lovely Rebecca is back with her fourth guest blog post for Beyond The Wild Garden. You will remember last month rebecca not only shared an update on her adventures growing but she also shared a great recipe for her kitchen slaw with us. Make sure to check out Rebecca’s previous blogs down below.

Hard Work is Paying Off

Well we are really enjoying the fruits of our labour this month. We are coming to the end of the first crop of carrots and if I had to pluralize these little fellas I would have to call them “a jumble of carrots” as they are playing a serious game of twister.

None the less the taste and aroma from them is phenomenal. Another little gem in our kitchen garden is the crimson colored beets. I grew these from seed so to finally pull them from the ground is quite the treat. I have a few recipes up my sleeve for these little beauties which I shall share in the next week.
We have come to the end of our Kol rabi and purple broccoli crops, both in their own right were delicious and quirky. I know there is a variety of Kol rabi which is crossed with another veg to give the crunchy sweet texture of apples so I shall be on the hunt for said veg for next year.
We are so pleased with the progress that our pumpkins, Brussel sprouts and Zucchinis are making. With the pumpkins I grew them from seed and molly coddled them at home until I felt the soil was warm enough for them and this week alone with the crazy rain that fell the pumpkins plants have literally spread their limbs.
They are all flowering and have now produced teeny tiny pumpkins , for someone who just loves Halloween and everything that comes with it, having these go from strength to strength is a small victory in its own.
Our Brussel sprouts have been doing their own thing for the past few months, growing tall and sturdy all the while nothing too exciting. Until this week that is. Once again after the rain something magical caught my eye on the tall stalks…Huraaa success the wee sprouts have appeared. So now for the next few weeks we will be on bug watch and slug watch as they have made mince meat of some of our cabbages.
And last but not least our super cute Zucchinis we bought these late in the year. They were hardy enough to plant straight away and within days they had flowered and again last week with the rain our first miniature Zucchini has arrived very small it even made me go “ahhhhhhh” we won’t let this crop grow to big as mini veg is our objective for this tester year…

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