From Show Guides to Newspapers

It has been somewhat quiet on the blog at points over the past month due to the fact I have had my journalism hat on and have been working in the big world. Those of you who follow me on twitter or on instagram may already know some of the news I am about to share with you but for the rest I have NEWS!

When I first started Beyond The Wild Garden it was simply to share my love of plants and pretty green thing that grow. But as the blog began to grow, it turned into me sharing my experiences as a horticulture student in UCD and then my life as a horticultural journalist and my gardening columns in the Kildare Post. In keeping with this and sharing my journey as a horticultural journalist with you , my Beyond The Wild Garden Family, I have some things to fill you in on.

photo 3 (1)

At the very end of July I worked on a very exciting project. I became the Editor of the 2014 GLAS Show Guide. For those of you who do not know GLAS is a yearly horticultural trade show which happens in Dublin. The showguide is a small magazine which is handed out to visitors to the show and is full of editorial about different areas in the horticulture sector. It then showcases all the companies and products that are on show at the event.

This was a major milestone for me as it marked my very first solo editing project and my first ever solo publication. It was rather scary I will admit but it was so much fun too. I don’t think I can explain the excitment I felt when I seen the booklet printed for the first time.

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This publication also marked my first ever Editors Letter! And I will admit I have been a complete geek and have framed a copy of it to keep! Writing the editors letter really brought home to me the strong horticulture industry that Ireland boasts and how we should be extremely proud of the work we do in it.

photo 1

The second extremly exciting news I have from the past few weeks is that I have gotten a rather proffesional job! I have become the Deputy Editor of the University Observer which is an award winning student newspaper based in UCD. So yes this means I am making my way back to UCD for a year for my new role.


I think this catches you all up on some of the interesting things that have happened in the past few weeks. There is a lot more news to  share with you that I will be posting in the coming days so make sure to keep an eye out. More importantly keep an eye out for some great plant posts and garden visits in the coming weeks! Also there might be the little thing of having dinner with the President of Ireland.