Num Num not only bakes she gardens – Kitchen Garden Slaw

A few days ago Rebecca’s latest blog post for Beyond the Wild Garden went live. You will remember in it you were promised a recipe that makes good use of some of the things that Rebecca has been growing. Below you will find her recipe for her Kitchen Garden Slaw. If you like this make sure to check out Rebecca’s own blog for many more great dishes.

Kitchen Garden Slaw


Well with my veggy garden in full swing, I thought I’d better rustle up an oldie but a goody recipe, but with a twist don’t you know. I think coleslaw is synonymous with summertime salads and BBQ’s so this recipe is very in season.

For a change I have added a few extra ingredients to the mix to spice things up a little.
For this recipe you will need 
1/2 a head of white cabbage
1 purple kol rabi
1 spring onion
1 cup of fresh peas
5 carrots (mine were small and gnarly )
2 to 3 tablespoons of good quality mayo
Grate the carrots into a bowl. When grating the Kol rabi I found using a fine grater was needed as it has a more harder texture than say a carrot. With the fresh white cabbage, I finely shredded it with a big knife as for me it fell apart when I used the grater. Next chop the spring onion and add into the bowl and then add in the mayo and mix it all together with a big wooden spoon or spatula. Lastly sprinkle in your fresh peas et voila.
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