Succulent Love




Succulents are something that I have really only grown interested in over the last year or so. Before this I would see them in garden centres and just think ‘eh they look nice but they would never work in my garden.’

I am so glad that I have finally realised how wrong I was! They are such great plants that can fill a troublesome spot perfectly. I am currently working on a little project in my garden involving them that I will share in the coming days.

I became even more inspired to carry on with my project in the garden when I came across these brilliant succulents on a stand at the Hampton Court flower show. They looked just fantastic. It was a very simple display with just trays and trays of the plants lined up in rows but it look incredible when  you were up beside it. These were just two of my favourite types on display.

Photo 07-07-2014 14 35 53 Photo 07-07-2014 14 35 59