RHS Hampton Court Plant Highlight Part One

The RHS Hampton Court Flower Show was literally packed to the rafters with plants. I did think about sharing one big ‘Plant Highlight’ post but once I looked at the number of photos I had, I realised it would be far too long. So I decided to break it down and share a few different ones with plants that I fell in love with while I was there. 

Photo 07-07-2014 14 37 24

The first plant up is one that I found very interesting. It looks just like a white clover that you would find growing in the lawn out the back garden but much taller and more elegant if that makes sense. It is called Trifolium ochroleucon and I think would make a great addition placed in the front of a border.

Photo 07-07-2014 14 36 25  

On the opposite side of the colour scheme I found this great plant called Lantana camara. I just loved the almost fireball like flowers that it has. The flowers were so much more vibrant in person than they are in this photo. This would make for a great injection of colour on a patio or nestled at the edge of a flower bed. 

Photo 07-07-2014 14 25 09

Alliums are always a plant that spikes my interest thanks to their rather unusual flower heads. So you can imagine my interest when I saw this one! I love the colour and shape of this fella, it is just so different to any I have seen before. It is called Allium vineale ‘Dready’ and has been added to my shopping list for this autumn!!

Photo 07-07-2014 14 20 38

You can’t beat a good Japanese Maple and this one in particular has some great variegated leaves. It is called Acer shirasawanum ‘Aureum’.

Photo 07-07-2014 13 57 21 

Nanus Gladious Amanda Mahy is a gladiolus flowers that caught my eye on a stand that was just awash with every kind of gladiolus flowers imaginable. Not to mention it stood out to me from a stand that had about every coloured one you could think of. I love the dusky peach colour of this one.

Photo 07-07-2014 13 54 06

Even though I complain sometimes about the amount of pink flowers I have in my garden I really like this one. It has great flowers and from the plants I saw on display at the show it puts on a great display of them. This is called Echinacea ‘Southern Belle’

Photo 07-07-2014 13 51 40

The final plant I want to share for now is a hosta that is slightly different from the rest. Hosta ‘Praying Hands’ looks exactly like its name suggests it would. It leaves look like praying hands. It has apparently been around for a long time but is one that caught my eye so I had to share it.