Beyond The Wild Garden Travels to London

If you follow Beyond The Wild Garden on Facebook or Twitter or follow my instagram you may have noticed that I have been off on a bit of an adventure! Namely I hoped across the channel and visited London.

Photo 08-07-2014 17 00 03

This was my second visit to London but while my last trip was a holiday full of sightseeing, this trip was full of plants and horticultural goodness! I had three fantastic days exploring the greener side of the city and going for strolls in some fantastic gardens, palace grounds and public parks.

The ultimate highlight of my trip was a trip to Hampton Court Flower Show! It was one of the best experiences I have had all year and have so many blog posts to share with you all in the coming days!

Photo 07-07-2014 10 21 32

Since I am quiet literally just off my flight home I will leave all my story telling until tomorrow. I just wanted to share these few pictures with you to whet your whistle!!

While I had the best time over in London for those few days you can’t beat seeing the green fields of home from 10,000 feet!

Photo 06-07-2014 08 26 29