Kildare Post Gardening Column – What to do this week in the garden


Below you will find one of my three articles that appeared in the Kildare Post this week. This week I have focused on hanging baskets, home remedies to garden pests and the final one below is a ‘What to do in the garden’ style column with some of the jobs I am hoping to get done in my own garden.

The one job I am half way through at the moment is edging my stepping stone path (picture on far right below). It is a rather slow job to do in the garden but one that really does pay off once it is done. My next big task is try and secure a rather adventurous clematis that is growing up over my shed!!

Next week I am doing a Gardeners Q&A session in the newspaper so if you have any garden questions feel free to email them to and I will answer them in my column for next week. Make sure if you are a follower of the blog to mention it in your email and I will make sure to get the answer up here too!!

Also make sure to keep an eye over the next couple of days for my other columns from this week!