Plant highlights from Bloom Day Two

Day two at Bloom proved just as successful with great plant finds! Needless to say my plans not to spend too much money on plants has gone out the window!

First up is a great Hosta! I am a big fan of hostas and I think my garden need many many more of them! This one is called Hosta ‘Great-Expections’ and is a brilliant variegated form that I think will sit very happily next to my pond!

On the back of a great display of primula from the first day at Bloom I discovered this brilliant white flowering one on sitting pretty on the corner of one the stands in the Floral Marquee. This one is called Primula ‘Postford White’.


I have a lot of geraniums in my garden at home but I fell in love with this one when I saw it. Geranium maculatum ‘Espresso’ has brilliant surprisingly espresso coloured leaves with the palest of pink flowers!


Well it is the season of elder and elderflowers so I had to point out this form that I came across on my travels! Sambucus nigra ‘Black Tower’ has lovely dark leaves with pinkish flowers. And as the name suggests it becomes very tall and resembles a tower!

The ‘IT’ plant of the show garden season in the UK and Ireland has to be this little blue guy! The Himalayan Blue Poppy is not one of the easiest of flowers to grow though and does require some expertise!


Now it is time to head off and find some more plants to fawn over!!!!