Plant Focus – Salvia Madeline

With a weekend spent at Bloom comes a five day marathon of plants and plant purchases for crazed gardeners like myself! One of the first I bought for myself was a fantastic plant called Salvia Madeline.

As I was walking the Floral Marquee the first thing that attracted me to it was its great flowers. They are a vivid blue come purple colour with a white lip. The pure white lip makes the blue seem even more vibrant in comparison.

Having talked to the nursery owner earlier in the day about the plant I knew I needed it when I learnt that it is great at attracting bees into the garden. When I heard this I knew I wanted it for near my pond to attract as many bees into this part of the garden as I could.

With buying plants at Bloom comes the fun task of getting plants home. For me my means of transport was the bus so my salvia had a lovely bus trip home to Kildare on a double decker. I obviously picked a good plant to bring on a rush hour commute as I got a lot of compliments on it!