Getting to grips with the garden – Kildare Post Gardening Column

Below is my gardening column that appeared in print in the Kildare Post on the 30th April 2014. At the time I was spurred on to catch up on the many gardening tasks I had to do in the garden by the lovely sunshine.

I am pleased to say after a few days hard work the garden resembles something of a presentable garden. Even though now thanks to the sun mixed with rain I suspect I will be tackling an army of weeds very soon!

Getting to grips with the garden – By David Corscadden

With such fantastic weather over the past week I have found myself with very few excuses not to get out in the garden and do those pesky jobs I always leave on the long finger. One such job was to start edging my flower beds and along the paths with a garden spade.

photo 3

While this is back breaking work and seems like an endless task just before you begin it, I find once it is done you really do notice the impact it has and goes towards making the whole garden look neat and tidy. And thankfully I find once you do a good job edging with a spade in Spring, it is easy to maintain the edges with a clippers during the summer and keep it looking good.

Another task I got to grips with this week was tackling the weeds, which I am ashamed to say, had taken hold of some of the flower beds. Normally I am the kind of person who will just put on a pair of gloves, get down on my hands and knees and just pull away at the weeds. This year however I invested in a garden hoe. I bought it mainly to run through the rows of vegetables in my vegetable patch but it made light work of the weeds in the flower beds and definitely made the task easier on my back so I would highly recommend investing in one this summer.

photo 4

While I did spend most of my time in the garden eradicating weeds from the garden there are the odd few that I don’t mind seeing pop up. One is field poppies and the other is daises. Some may think I am mad saying this but I like to see daises in my lawn. They always remind me of my childhood and my grandmother making daisy chains, so for me they are a welcome sight. As a plus I find they are great at attracting good insects in to the garden too.

photo 1

While this year for some will be known as the year of the ladybird, for many I feel it will be year of laurel flowers too. Laurel, Prunus laurocerasus, is sometimes considered a bit of a weed in gardening circles and often just used to cheaply fill in a large area. However this year the plant has put on a fantastic display of flowers all around the country and I for one think it is a fantastic sight. The spikes of white flowers have appeared in such numbers this year they have great impact and I feel may have gardeners thinking twice about planting the good old laurel.