Num Num not only bakes she gardens – An introduction

The second guest blogger who is joining myself and Paul Smyth on Beyond The Wild Garden to share their adventure growing veg is Rebecca aka Num Num Bakes on Twitter and Instagram

Rebecca is an other Kildare based blogger who has a fantastic food blog full of amazing treats! Rebecca along with her husband and dad will be sharing their adventures growing their own food this year with us and maybe she might share the odd recipe with us to use up the great crops she grows.


Num Num not only bakes she gardens – An introduction

I think I was always destined for a life of wellies, green fingers and a penchant for rummaging around garden centres.

When we were wee ones my parents had a nursery so instead of a traditional slide we just used sacks of peat moss, and by the age of five dad had roped us in to potting plants in the giant nursery tunnels. I may have been tiny but I can still remember the warm almost peppery smell from the tunnels and my favourite flower back then the forget-me-not. It could be classed as a weed but it stole my heart.

My dad seems to have the fountain of knowledge when it comes horticulture, ask him anything and he has the answer. Even when I was living in Canada and we were skyping one day I showed him a shrub out my window and he was like “oh ye that’s a blah blah blah”.

So myself (Rebecca), the hubby (Cathal), and my dad {Barry} made a pact last year that we were going to get stuck in to growing our own fruit and vegetables. And thank god April has arrived as it has dragged and dragged. I’ve had copious amounts of veg seeds sitting on my kitchen counter waiting to be germinated! I felt like I was in little shopped horrors where the seeds were like “feed me Elroy” ha!

When it comes to gardening dad has the patience for the rewards that will come “next year” while I’m a life’s too short kinda gal. I like to see the fruits of my labour ASAP. And then with Cathal he just loves the clean linear movements in a garden, so between us all this allotment is going to rock.


So far we have planted carrots, broccoli, kol rabi, cabbage and early crop spuds. Then in our second bed we have planted brussle sprouts, curly kale, onions, purple top turnips and a second type of cabbage. Then at home I have more carrot seeds sprouting, a few types of peas and my favourite, pumpkins. I am so excited to watch these grow I don’t know what it is with pumpkins I just love them.

Roll on the summer!!

Note: You can find Rebecca on Twitter and also on Instagram. Make sure to check out Paul’s introduction post too and follow both his and Rebecca’s adventures this summer.