BTWG – Gardening Round-Up (No.5)

In this weeks BTWG Gardening Round-Up I have found some more interesting garden news features and blog posts from across the web to share with you all. Note: If you click on the images below you will be brought to the original stories and blog posts.

Gardening TV

Photo 30-03-2014 22 10 42


This story in the Telegraph made me very excited! New gardening shows to watch and find inspiration on! I am a big fan of gardening TV shows ever since my childhood spent watching Ground Force (Still miss that show). But this article did make me question the amount of gardening shows out there. There really aren’t that many especially when we compare it to the number of cooking shows that seem to be on every station. Especially within Ireland we do not have many shows filmed here which is disappointing. This made me wonder what kind of gardening show would you most like to see come to TV? Leave a comment below!

Pretty Shiny Things



Okay there are one or two blogs out there that I go on religiously to simply just to look at and drool over. Eadaoin’s City of Blackbirds is one of those! I simply love her photographs and if I could steal her talent for taking photos of flowers I would! Make sure to check out this post about a visit to Mount Usher and the rest of Eadaoin’s work.

BEE-riliant reading

Photo 30-03-2014 22 11 40


When it comes to gardening and embracing wildlife in your garden one of the first things we all think about attracting are bees. This article by Ken Thompson has some food for thought when it comes to attracting more bees and pollinators into your garden.



Keeping with the theme of bees this week the lovely Dee of Greenside Up shared this post on five ways to help bees in your own garden. This is a must read and is full of easy to implement idea that will give a welcome boost to your local bee population.

Social Media Round Up 

Photo 23-03-2014 08 55 35

Now I grew up with Trolls (Well I stole my sisters) but I so wish I had some now so I could try this out!!

Photo 30-03-2014 22 09 16

If anyone out there was as addicted to FarmVille as I was a few years ago you should love this too! All it is missing is a few small sheep and goats!

Photo 30-03-2014 22 16 20

This week saw us celebrate National Daffodil Day which raises money for the Irish Cancer Society. As well as raising money for a great cause it resulted in some fantastic photos of daffodils appearing online. The above had to be one of my favourite.

Disclaimer: All content in this blog post is shared to highlight stories and social media updates relating to gardening or plants that I have found interesting. None of the images or content referenced belongs to me and has been linked back to its owner or to its original source.