BTWG – Gardening Round-Up (No.4)

In this weeks BTWG Gardening Round-Up I have found some more interesting garden news features and blog posts from across the web to share with you all. Note: If you click on the images below you will be brought to the original stories and blog posts.

Gardening Humour


I thought this week I would start off the Gardening Round Up with a joke! I found this one on Facebook during the week and I must admit it gave me a chuckle while I was on the bus into Dublin.

A cut flower garden


I have wanted to establish an area of the garden that could be used for cut flowers for some time now. I often say I will use flowers from the garden but when the finally come in to bloom I am hesitant to cut them as they look so good out the window. I liked this article by Francine Raymond and some of the ideas she has for having a cut flower garden all year round so I think I will give it a go this year. She also has a number of great tips at the end for cutting and displaying flowers.

Remembering Wendy Walsh


This week on her blog, One Bean Row, Jane Powers shared a version of her garden column, which appeared in the Sunday Times on 16 March  2014. The piece she shared was about Wendy Walsh one of Ireland’s best botanical artists who passed away at the start of the month. I wanted to share it with you all as it is a lovely account of Wendy’s life and her work. Make sure to click the image above and read the full account on Jane’s Blog.

Why do we garden?


Garden blogger Jason Kay wrote this great piece in The Guardian this week on why, even though peoples lives are so busy, people like to garden. I must say I loved what Jason had to say and I have to agree with many of his reasons. What makes you go out in the garden after a long day at work? Comment below and let me know.

Social Media Round Up


Kathryn Aalto shared this photo on twitter and I must say it would be a great dress to do some gardening in!!


Dee from Greenside Up Veg shared this lovely photo during the week of a fantastic Primula from  Delta Centre in Carlow.


Keeping with the purple spring flower theme of the week Karen Wells shared this great photo of anemones. Anemones are such a great spring plant the only problem is I don’t know if I like the white or purple ones more!

Photo 23-03-2014 08 49 10

I love this photo that Michael Perry shared on his Facebook Page! I think I need one of these signs in my life to help deal with all the weeds I have in my garden!

Photo 21-03-2014 07 17 19

For the plant scientists out there Phil Gates shared this photo of a cross section of a lime twig! Just love the colours of it!

Disclaimer: All content in this blog post is shared to highlight stories and social media updates relating to gardening or plants that I have found interesting. None of the images or content referenced belongs to me and has been linked back to its owner or to its original source.