Fields of Green

Happy St Patrick’s Day everyone!!

Given the day that is in it and wanting to celebrate all things Irish and green this blog post is about celebrating the green fields of Ireland and also the arrival of spring. This post is a first in hopefully a long line of guest blog posts from people who have either amazing stories to tell or great photos to share surrounding the topics of gardening and nature.

This photo series comes from the lovely Ciara H Sweeney and highlights some of the sheer beauty Ireland has to offer. Ciara, being a first year vet student in UCD, found herself in Donegal last week lambing. So not only does this blog post share stunning Donegal countryside but also showcases the arrival of spring and some very fluffy baby sheep.


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Editors Note: All images used in this blog post were used with Ciara H Sweeney’s permission and remain her images. BTWG thanks Ciara for allowing us to use her images for this blog post. More of Ciara’s images can be found on her Instagram account. If you would be interested in writing a guest blog post for BTWG please contact us.