BTWG – Gardening Round-Up

In this weeks BTWG Gardening Round-Up I have found some more interesting garden news features and blog posts from across the web to share with you all. Note: If you click on the images below you will be brought to the original stories and blog posts.

Love thy clover lawn


I have always been a fan of clover and it never really bothers me when it appears in my lawn. In fact it really surprises me how much some people hate it and the efforts they go to removing it. So I had to share this article with you all by Bunny Guinness (Such a great name!). She shares the many benefits of having clover in your lawn and what it can add to vegetable beds if used as a green manure in summer or early autumn.

Titchmarsh is  going to Chelsea


It is always an exciting story for me when Mr Titchmarsh is involved in some way! I liked his article in The Telegraph about his upcoming show garden at the Chelsea Flower Show. I like the insight he gives to his idea for the garden and the insight he gives to his career in horticulture over the years.

A Damp Start


With such wide spread flooding in both Ireland and the UK over the past couple of weeks I thought this article by Alys Fowler was very important to share as she explains what to do if you find yourself with extremely wet soil. She also shares some good guidelines to figure out if you should be working on your soil or not.

The decade garden restoration


I have always had a soft spot for garden history and love reading about old gardens so this article was right up my street. The feature by James Alexander Sinclair explores the ten year restoration of Trentham Gardens in England. I always love a feel good story when it comes to an old neglected garden and hearing how, with the hard work of those involved, the garden comes back to life. This is definitely a garden that has been added to my bucket list!

Helping Hand


I thought this article by Ellen Zachos for The National Gardening Association was well worth sharing. Ellen shares some of the things that she did for her own mother when she realised she was finding gardening too much of a challenge. Not only are her suggestions great for older gardeners but also for any gardener looking to make day to day garden chores that bit easier!

Poetry and gardening


The lovely  Lorna Gannon of Jardin Design shared this brilliant post of her blog this week. She shared a lovely poem by WB Yeats called The Lake Isle of Innisfree. The poem is accompanied by some fantastic photos too.

Pastel Beauty 


When ever I need to look at beautiful photos of nature and flowers I go to Foxglove Lane Studio, a brilliant blog by Catherine Drea. This post from earlier in the month is just amazing and happens to feature one of my favourite spring flowers!

Social Media Round-Up

Photo 15-03-2014 18 16 59


One thing I love about twitter is that you can go to events all over the world from the comfort of your own home! I thought this photo from David Domoney from the Ideal Home Show was fantastic. I love the look of this garden and especially the piano water feature.

Photo 15-03-2014 18 17 09


I have noticed an increase of bees in the past two weeks around the garden and have tried so hard to get a photo of one but to no avail. Justin The Gardener was much luckier and got a great snap of one that he shared on twitter.

Photo 15-03-2014 18 17 32


Keeping with the good kind of insects in the garden Laura Barrett shared this great photo of a ladybird. It really is starting off a great year for ladybirds with the amount already spotted lets hope with have lots this summer to keep greenfly under control

Disclaimer: All content in this blog post is shared to highlight stories and social media updates relating to gardening or plants that I have found interesting. None of the images or content referenced belongs to me and has been linked back to its owner or to its original source.