BTWG – Gardening Round-Up

In this weeks BTWG Gardening Round-Up I have found some more interesting garden news features and blog posts from across the web to share with you all. Note: If you click on the images below you will be brought to the original stories and blog posts.

Going green in the city



For me gardening is not about having a garden that is acres in size, it is about enjoying plants and embracing them in any way you can. So you will understand that I loved this article by Francine Raymond in The Telegraph about Urban Gardening. I think sometimes us gardeners who have enough space to garden take it for granted and some of the amazing things you can do in smaller spaces. Francine gives a great list of plants to grow in a smaller space at the end of her article.




This week damage of storm Darwin became real for tree loves with the estimation that 7.5 million trees were blown down during the storm. While my own garden luckily escaped with very little damage, on a recent walk in the woods near my house it hit home just how destructive the storm was with the amount of trees down. But who would think it would bring down 7.5 million nation wide!

Gardening with the Pope

Photo 06-03-2014 14 33 28


Okay well you won’t be gardening with the Pope but you will now get to visit the gardens of the papal summer house just outside Rome! Now I am a great person to go visit gardens on holidays and I think I will just have to start thinking about a trip to Rome to visit these! From the photos I have Googled and from reading the article they sound amazing!

Branching out in the Kildare Post

Photo 05-03-2014 16 39 52

The above garden column is simply the best I read all week………. mainly because it is my own!! Humble or what !! This weeks article was wrote to highlight National Tree week here in Ireland and the some of the great trees that gardeners can use in their own gardens. I also went through how to plant bare rooted trees for people who may not have done it before!

Kildare Master Class 

Photo 05-03-2014 16 40 21Also in the Kildare Post this week was an advertorial from the lovely people at Caragh Nurseries who are running a great master class happening 14th – 16th March on planting trees, hedges and fruit! If you find yourself in Kildare make sure to check out the master class, I am hoping to make one of them! You can find out more about Caragh Nurseries on their website.

Getting your head around crop rotation



Fiona Kelly of the brilliant blog Fiona Grows Food has a great post on crop rotation that anyone who is planning to grow vegetables this year should check out! Crop rotation is so important when it comes to growing successfully and Fiona’s post has some brilliant tips and advice in it.

Social Media Round-Up

Photo 03-03-2014 12 23 09


Gardening got very Posh this week when Victoria Beckham tweeted about planting snowdrops with her children in Hyde Park in London. If there wasn’t enough reasons to follow her she is turning into a budding gardener now too!

Photo 05-03-2014 15 18 44


Country Life shares a great charity drive their are doing in the lead up to Mothers Day for Irish Cancer Society’s Action Breast Cancer. In the run up to Mothers Day they will sell this special floral gift for Mother’s Day with all proceeds from the sale going to the Irish Cancer Society. For more information on the fundraising drive visit their website.

Photo 05-03-2014 23 11 04


Kaz Brown the mastermind behind the blog Lottie Land Girl shared this photo of her spuds chitting away as she puts it! It is a great image from her instagram account and made me question if I want to grow potatoes this year? I have been in two minds and I better make my mind up as I will want to get started chitting!

Photo 06-03-2014 13 04 22


The Pothole Gardener retweeted this great image from WCRS London and I must say the minute I saw it I wanted them!!

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