BTWG – Gardening Round-Up

In this new feature to Beyond The Wild Garden (BTWG) I plan to look at and share some of the interesting garden news features and blog posts that I have come across during the week. Note: If you click on the images below you will be brought to the original stories and blog posts.

Gardens of the future 


This article by James Wong in The Guardian is very interesting and is on a topic that I have been thinking about myself in the past few weeks. James looks at how advanced and cutting edge horticulture is the other side of the world. When it is compared to how it is done in England and Ireland it does make our practices look very historic and I must say somewhat boring. The things we see happening in the Far East and beyond are much more exciting in my opinion.

How much would you pay to name a snowdrop? 


How much would you pay to have the privilege to name a new snowdrop? Well Caroline Mabbs of Hertfordshire paid £1,602 to do just that! Would you pay that much to simply name a plant? Well when I saw the title of this article in The Telegraph I had mixed feelings. First I thought I want a snowdrop named after me but at the same time I thought it was a lot of money! My attitude to the story changed though as soon as I read it. It is a very sweet story about a woman wanting to honour both her father and grandfather with one sweet gesture.

The launch of new plant guardian scheme

Plant Heritage

A story with Christine Walkden in it….. of course I am going to read it! This is a story about a great scheme that has been launched in the UK to help protect and save rare garden plants. Often when you think of plant conservation or protection, you think of large organisations like Botanic Gardens or the RHS. However this scheme is putting the power in the everyday gardeners hands. The scheme allows people to protect and save rare plants for the generations to come. I for one am looking forward to seeing how this scheme develops and hopefully seeing something similar make its way to Ireland.

When is the right time to plant seeds?


When it comes to garden related questions, especially ones relating to vegetables, one of my first ports of call is Dee of Greenside Up. The question of when should you sow seeds is a question I think has been on everyone’s mind as we make our way into March. Dee has this great post from 2012 that she shared  again on Facebook recently about how to decide when it is safe to sow. It is well worth a read if anyone is still hesitant about when to take the plunge. With a suspected cold snap coming this weekend, I have held off sowing for another week or so!!

Social Media Round-Up


Belle (aka Limmster on Twitter, Instagram and her blog ) has officially become the Ladybird Queen! You have to follow her on instagram to see her, what is becoming almost daily, adventures with ladybirds!

photo 2


Ethna (Aka The Burlesque Chef) shared this great cake that she decorated! I love it! I wish I was able to make sugar paste flowers like she has here! That or I wish someone would give me a cake that looks like this one!

photo 3


Ella McSweeney share this photo of dandelion leaves which cost $3.29!! I could make a fortune this year from simply weeding it!! Better get collecting!!


Disclaimer: All content in this blog post is shared to highlight stories and social media updates relating to gardening or plants that I have found interesting. None of the images or content referenced belongs to me and has been linked back to its owner or to its original source.