A new gardening chapter

I am now officially two weeks into a new gardening chapter in my life! That chapter is …… my very own gardening column with the Kildare Post.

When I started off down my journey with horticulture and writing I did dream about getting a gardening column but did not think it would happen this soon!

My first two columns have focused on spring bulbs and the beauty that is starting to appear in gardens around Ireland.

My first column was published on 19th Feb and was based on a great discovery I made down the end of my garden. That was the appearance of hyacinth shoots.

Hyacinths and their brilliant fragrance is one of the biggest highlights of spring for me!

My second column came out yesterday and highlighted the humble snowdrop!

I love snowdrops but I have to admit when it comes to buying bulbs in Autumn I over look them and forget about my plans to have big sways of then around my garden!

While my next column has already been sent off I can’t tell you what it is about yet but I will be keeping you all up to date with what I cover in my columns in the coming weeks!