Roses are red …. Or are they?

Well it is that day of the year again when people declare their undying love for each other and the other half of society gives out about those people in love!

I happen to like Valentine’s Day but I do have a few pet peeves about the day in general and the customs around it! The main one has to be roses are red…. that’s it only red!

Don’t get me wrong I love red roses and would not say no if someone gave me one. But there are so so many other colours out there that are just as nice if not nicer! Not to mention a merriment of other flowers out there fighting to be loved today!


Why not go seasonal and avoid the extreme mark up on red roses and opt for Irises, hyacinths or tulips all of which proved popular on Facebook this week!



Not mater which flowers you choose to celebrate with this year I want to wish all my readers a very Happy Valentines Day!